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French Entrée Tax & Law Quarterly - Pitfalls To Avoid When Buying In France

Look before you leap!

As UK based solicitors and French law specialists, Barbara Heslop and colleagues at Heslop & Platt are often asked what intending buyers of a property in France need to be wary of when they embark on the purchase process...

Well, firstly let me reassure you that the French conveyancing system is very well organised and secure. There is no equivalent of reported problems with non existent title deeds (such as in Cyprus) or invalid planning permissions (such as in Spain).

However, there are certain potential pitfalls and these vary according to the type, age and location of the property in question. Here are a few aspects to consider:

These are just a few pointers. There are plenty more... The best advice is to ask lots of questions and if possible, revisit the property on several occasions so as to have time to carry out a close inspection before signing on the dotted line!

This article first appeared in French Entrée's Tax & Law Quarterly - July 2011.

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